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Ghoul / Ghul warband (10) by Asgard Rising (Troll / Giant)

Ghoul / Ghul warband (10) by Asgard Rising (Troll / Giant)

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A ghoul is a cannibalistic monsters, often thought of as undead in European folklore. They were once human, but they brought the curse on themselves by eating human flesh (dead or alive). They feed on corpses or living flesh, often abducting young children or luring away unwary people into abandoned places.

They are disgustingly ugly and stink of death. They are immensely strong, but geniuses in a sarcastic way, thus tricking them is always a better way than fighting them.

Come on square20mm or round 25mm bases.

Sculpted by Asgard Rising Miniatures

Printed in a tough grey resin
May require some construction.May require some assembly with superglue.

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