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Ogre Destroyer (The Mines - Flames of War Kickstarter)

Ogre Destroyer (The Mines - Flames of War Kickstarter)

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These ogres are a true bane of the dwarves. Heavy armored, tough and very hard to kill. They are well protected inside their iron shell. "Destroyers" and "Demolishers" are used by goblins not only for the destruction of the manpower, but also for the destruction of buildings and gates. Along with large crossbows dwarves use burning oil to kill these monsters.
Ogres from the north are very strong enemies. They can endure freezing cold of the highlands and mountain peaks. Even one of them supported by a pack of goblins can do a lot of damage, so dwarves usually try to kill them first.

This model comes with a 60mm sculpted base.
Printed in resin.
Comes unpainted.

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