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Tekano Corps Security (by Print Minis)

Tekano Corps Security (by Print Minis)

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These highly trained guards can be found patrolling every inch of the Tekano Corp grounds. It is their responsibility to ensure there are no infiltrations of the premises from other competing corporations intent on taking down Tekano, either through murder or data theft. They are trained in many combat arts as well as equipped with the latest surveillance technology. Their Naginata spears are able to scan the environment for heat signatures to help detect an unauthorised presence, and their Kasa hats can detect attempts to hack Tekanos data network. By having hundreds of Heishi troops patrolling, Tekano Corp can detect almost any threat quickly.

This minis are single pose with 4 random themed 30mm bases.
(We can adjust the scale no problem)

See more of their work at:
Www.Printminis.coMay require some assembly with superglue.

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