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Tundra Trolls by Asgard Rising ( troll / monster / giant)

Tundra Trolls by Asgard Rising ( troll / monster / giant)

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These creatures are one of the least known varieties of trolls. Few travellers have survived meeting these nomadic creatures to tell their stories. The sages believe that they once had trunks like mammoths, but as a result of evolution and the difficulty of having it in combat - this part of the body has almost disappeared. The most terrible seems to be their furious charge, which even the Great Bulls of the Island of Crete will not be ashamed of.
Trundra Trolls:
6 x Tundra Troll (large models)

6 x Round Base 50mm
6 x Square Base 40mm

Sculpted by Asgard Rising Miniatures

Printed in a tough grey resin
May require some construction.May require some assembly with superglue.

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